A young family in Lafayette, CA asked me to design a vegetable garden on property adjacent to theirs that they had just purchased. Rather than just do a small patch, I said lets do something really special. The first photo is looking north, the second looks west. Problems were a steep slope and of course, those pesky deer!

Looking North

Looking West

Due to the steep slope we had to grade the area and add steps. The Sonoma Field wall is approximately 4' and the deer fence is 6'.

Alex Gutierrez checks the construction of the wall. This 4' wall anchors the south and west side of the garden. The raised beds are starting in the garden area.

Laying out the raised beds.

The new entry from the main garden. We planted roses on each side of the arbor.

The new steps, fence and walls completed!

The finished product ready for the deer!

The finished garden with Birdbath and lavender in the center.